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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create relationships with like-minded subcontractors and to develop lifelong clients for all of their construction/ home repair projects. We operate our business with integrity, accountability, and high communication, which builds trust in our leadership and competence. Our attention to detail, and ability to listen to our clients is our strongest asset. We value the repeat customers and their referrals that sustain our business.


Larry Harris, owner, has over 40 years construction experience and knowledge. Born and raised in Southern California, he comes from a family of builders. When Larry was a senior in high school his Father became ill. Larry stepped up to finish the tract of homes his Father was building, and he was forever hooked in the building industry. His passion is carpentry, which Larry has become a master at. Carpentry is the basis for all construction. He has built and overseen thousands of homes throughout the years, but he never forgets that the homeowners are the most important people involved in the process. It is his genuine concern and ability to listen to everyone involved that has made him successful. He has acquired life long relationships with clients, subcontractors, and inspectors who respect his integrity and work ethics. Referrals are his best compliment, and it is what has kept Larry busy in a down turned economy.

Jenny Bell Harris, co-owner, has a background in real estate. Larry and Jenny met in 2003 while working for a local homebuilder. Jenny was the sales agent, and Larry was the project manager. Together they had the busiest site, and yet, the fewest problems due to their excellent communication and mutual respect. Jenny and Larry are the perfect combination, “dream team”, because they are both passionate about pleasing their clients, and have high expectations for construction quality. Jenny and Larry enjoy working side by side on projects, and especially enjoy acquiring life-long clients through excellent work.

The name Ninja Builders came from a previous client. Larry was working on his home, and he was impressed with how quickly and efficiently Larry worked. He referred to Larry as a “Ninja Carpenter”. When you hire Ninja Builders you can expect high quality, and a timely delivery of your project. We also practice constant communication and updates on the status of the project with realistic completion dates. When you hire Ninja Builders, you can expect that Larry will be “hands on” throughout your construction or remodel project, either doing the work himself, or overseeing the process to ensure things are done right, and to every client’s expectation.

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